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The latest UK housing market news for keyworkers, first time buyers and home movers. Read the latest news on goverment mortgage schemes, mortgage, moving house, new homes, lettings, rentals and home building industry news.

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London is undergoing many regeneration projects and transport upgrades. Areas are being revitalised with cultural and employment changes. As a result, there is ...read more

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Stamp Duty Land Tax was one of the main subjects of the <a href='[http://www.homebuyservice.co.uk/news/2017/nov/will-abolishing-stamp-duty-make-a-difference-969...read more

Santander is one of many lenders that are extending their tenancy agreements. Both tenants and landlords can breathe a sigh of relief as <a href='[http://www.ho...read more

The turmoil of the housing market has been wreaking havoc for young <a href='../homebuy-guides/index.html'>first-time buyers</a>. P...read more

Throughout 2017, the housing market was a much talked about topic. During the Autumn 2017 budget, it was announced that stamp duty would be abolished for <a hre...read more

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Home owners are being encouraged to contact their insurance providers and enquire about the prices they are paying. Over time, gradual increases through policy ...read more

For potential <a href='../homebuy-guides/index.html'>first-time buyers</a>, purchasing a house can seem daunting. The increase of p...read more

Retirement is viewed as a time to relax, slowdown from work and embark onto newer things. It should be a restful, productive and most of all an enjoyable point ...read more

It is extremely difficult for <a href='../homebuy-guides/index.html'>first time buyers</a> to enter the housing market and unfortun...read more

Equity release is there to help people aged over 55 take out a loan based on the value of their home. Like a <a href='../mortgages/...read more

The housing market is uncertain and can be incredibly daunting. Being able to afford a house or moving up the property ladder appears as an impossible task. Wit...read more

In his new budget plans, Phillip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, outlined that <a href='../homebuy-guides/stamp-duty-land-tax...read more

Young people are more eager than ever to have their own home. There comes a point where living with your parents becomes too stifling. Gradually, you become mor...read more

The Nationwide Building Society is keen to see Help to Buy ISAs extended by the government as it describes the product as vital in helping people buy their firs...read more

Central London was the focus for many <a href='../buy-to-let/index.html'>buy-to-let</a> investors, but the competition is now movin...read more

August 2017 revealed the amount outstanding debt on an average mortgage in the UK was &pound;121,678, according to October Money Statistics produced by Money Ch...read more

It is expected that the Bank of England will be putting up interest rates imminently, the first interest rate rise in over a decade. This has resulted in 10 len...read more

Anyone who purchased their council home using the <a href='../right-to-buy/index.html'>Right to Buy scheme</a> in Brighton and Hove...read more

The buy-to-let sector is facing an increasingly tough time as research shows the UKs ranking of the best places to invest in Europe drop considerably in just 12...read more

Since the 2015 launch of Help to Buy ISAs, over one million accounts were opened helping <a href='../homebuy-guides/index.html'>fir...read more

The government's Help to Buy scheme has helped thousands of families in Derbyshire to get on the property ladder.<br /><br /> Information revealed by the Homes ...read more

Online estate agent eMoov.co.uk claims that the average price of a UK property in 2027 will be &pound;346,492, 56 per cent higher than today's average.<br /><br...read more

Figures from the Nationwide show that house growth fell from 2.9 per cent in July to 2.1 per cent in August. <br /><br /> August also saw property values fall f...read more

Research suggests that around 5.2 million UK adults, the equivalent of one in 10, have either inherited or bought a second home. <br /><br /> Figures provided b...read more

The slow death of the buy-to-let market is forcing lenders into a <a href='../mortgages/index.html'>mortgage</a> price war as they ...read more

According to official figures, the average price of a UK home rose by around &pound;2,000 to &pound;223,000 in June. <br /><br /> The year-on-year rate of house...read more

A new survey from Britain's biggest landlord organisation has found that one in five buy-to-let investors are planning to sell their properties in the near futu...read more

New data has revealed that Brighton is the least affordable place in the country for <a href='../homebuy-guides/index.html'>first-t...read more

New research suggests that first-time buyers face 11 years of saving before they can afford a deposit, with this figure rising to nearly 18 years in London. <br...read more

Britain's housing market continues to stall as <a href='2017/jun/mortgage-approval-rate-hits-new-low-91791663.html'>mortgag...read more

Two of the biggest estate agent chains in the UK - Countrywide and Foxtons - have seen their profits plummet in the first half of the year, with the housing mar...read more

The &pound;600,000 upper threshold of the Help to Buy scheme in London is distorting the capital's property market, an independent estate agent suggests.<br /><...read more

New government proposals would see a crackdown on the "unfair charges" imposed on people buying new-build houses.<br /><br /> If the government's plans are appr...read more

New government figures show that the number of housing transactions taking place has fallen for the third consecutive month. <br /><br /> In June, there were 96...read more

A report from the Lenders group has urged lenders to allow for bigger mortgages on more energy-efficient homes. <br /><br /> The government-funded research has ...read more

The <a href='2016/feb/record-breaking-rise-in-average-house-prices-90995680.html'>average house price</a> in the UK rose in...read more

The average supply of housing stock has fallen to a record low with the housing market 'stifled' by uncertainty, according to the <a href='http://www.homebuyser...read more

Research provided by <a href='../index.html#form'>mortgage</a> broker Private Finance suggests that over half of properties purchas...read more

On average, <a href='../homebuy-guides/index.html'>first-time buyers</a> need a deposit of &#163;32,889 to get onto the property la...read more

The Halifax have revealed figures showing that UK <a href='2017/jun/ons-figures-show-rise-in-house-prices-92896375.html'>ho...read more

Bovis Homes has set aside an extra &pound;3.5m for rectifying issues with the build quality of its new homes, bringing the total amount spent on remedial work u...read more

The Social Mobility Commission has revealed research which suggests government housing schemes are more likely to help wealthier first-time buyers. <br /><br />...read more

Homeowners who turn a blind eye to extra fees when remortgaging are making a "costly mistake", according to a financial information service.<br /><br /> Moneyfa...read more

The government's Help to Buy ISA has been used by more than 960,000 people trying to save up for their own home, according to figures from the Department for Co...read more

The government has outlined plans to ban lettings agent fees in England, as part of the Queen's Speech.<br /><br /> While the Conservative party first announced...read more

Official statistics have shown that the number of government-funded houses available for social rent each year has fallen by 97 per cent since the Conservatives...read more

Research has revealed 51 per cent of <a href='../homebuy-guides/index.html'>first-time buyers</a> who bought their home in the last...read more

Almost 13 per cent of London's <a href='../homebuy-options/newbuy-scheme.html'>newly-built homes</a> were bought by foreign buyers ...read more

Official figures show that the average cost of a UK home in April was &pound;220,100, a rise of &pound;3,500 compared to the previous month. <br /><br /> The Of...read more

Nearly a quarter of UK households will be renting privately by the end of 2021, according to a new report, with stagnant wages and mounting house prices to blam...read more

Property surveyors suggest that the slowdown in the housing market has been partly caused by uncertainty over the general election. <br /><br /> Members of the ...read more

According to the UK's largest mortgage lender, the <a href='2017/mar/halifax-survey-reveals-one-in-ten-would-leave-uk-to-bu...read more

Home loan approvals have fallen to their lowest level since last September, as fixed mortgage rates drop to new lows.<br /><br /> According to the Bank of Engla...read more

House building in England is at its highest level in 10 years, according to figures from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG).<br /><br /> ...read more

House sales fell in April as the property market shows further evidence of <a href='2016/feb/first-time-buyers-stall-during...read more

Mortgage lending in the UK's buy-to-let sector has halved since the stamp duty surcharge was introduced on 01 April 2016, according to the Council of Mortgage L...read more

The rate at which UK house prices are growing has slowed, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics.<br /><br /> In the year to February 2017...read more

The Conservatives have said they will bring about a "new generation" of social housing, paid for out of current budgets, if the party wins the general election ...read more

Property <a href='../surveys/index.html'>surveyors</a> are predicting a 'flat summer' with the UK housing market continuing to see ...read more

According to figures from the Halifax, UK house prices have fallen in the last three months and are "stagnating".<br /><br /> The three months to April saw pric...read more

Nearly 500,000 more young adults may end up still living in their family home in the next decade, according to a study by Aviva.<br /><br /> The insurance compa...read more

March saw a drop in mortgage approval rates despite lenders improving the deals available to borrowers.<br /><br /> The news comes after a similar fall was expe...read more

Local councils across the UK have spent millions buying back the homes they sold at a discount under <a href='../right-to-buy/index...read more

Many <a href='../homebuy-guides/index.html'>first-time buyers</a> are seeing potential house purchases fall through late on, despit...read more

The general election will have little effect on the UK's housing market, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), after claiming mortgage lending has...read more

Hove's BN3 postcode area has been named England and Wales' most sought-after location for <a href='../'>home buyers</a> between the...read more

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), house prices growth rose in February. <br /><br /> Nationwide, prices rose by 5.8 per cent in the year to...read more

For the third consecutive year <a href='../mortgages/index.html'>mortgages</a> have been rated the most difficult product to switch...read more

New government estimates show that around four million homeowners in England do not own the freehold to their own properties. <br /><br /> Labour says these lea...read more

The introduction of tax rises for landlords today is expected to impact renters by as much as 30 per cent, according to the Residential Landlords' Association (...read more

Research suggests that over half of the people who received money from the government to help them buy a home did not actually need it.<br /><br /> Around 4,000...read more

The average house price in the UK is now &#163;207,308, according to The Nationwide, as prices fell 0.3 per cent in March compared to February.<br /><br /> It w...read more

The Lifetime ISA is set to launch on 6 April 2017, and is intended to help younger people save up to buy a home or increase their pension. Here we explain the t...read more

More <a href='../homebuy-guides/index.html'>first-time buyers</a> than ever before are relying on financial help from parents, new ...read more

The number of new mortgage approvals dropped once more during February, according to fresh data from the British Bankers' Association (BBA).<br /><br /> There w...read more

A quarter of young Britons believe they will never own their own home, with a further 25 per cent saying they think an inheritance windfall is the only way they...read more

Bellway has warned the Government that they must find a way to "sensibly exit" the <a href='../homebuy-options/scheme-availability....read more

Working people can typically expect the cost of a house to be 7.6 times their yearly income, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).<br /><br /> ...read more

Almost a quarter of <a href='../homebuy-guides/index.html'>first-time buyers</a> take up to a decade to save up the deposit require...read more

Rents in the UK saw their first annual fall since 2011 according to figures from Countrywide, attributed to a surge in the supply of properties available.<br />...read more

Remortgaging activity rose to an eight-year high in January according to LMS, the conveyancing service provider, as homeowners remortgaged every four years in J...read more

House builder Persimmon has announced its annual pre-tax profit has risen by almost a quarter following an increase in sales, supported by the government's Help...read more

The <a href='../index.html#form'>asking price</a> for houses in England and Wales is increasing more slowly, as figures from Rightm...read more

In 2016 the amount of money borrowed by <a href='../homebuy-guides/index.html'>first-time buyers</a> rose 13.5 per cent compared to...read more

Outside of London, one in three new build homes were purchased through the <a href='../homebuy-options/help-to-buy-equity-loan.html...read more

The <a href='../homebuy-options/'>government</a> has set out its new housing strategy for England, which will see councils ordered ...read more

The Help to Buy ISA scheme has seen very little take-up in Oxford and Cambridge, while Leeds has proven to be the most popular city for <a href='http://www.home...read more

According to Lloyds Bank, the number of home-movers in the UK decreased 4 per cent last year, the first annual decline fall in five years.<br /><br /> In 2016, ...read more

There were 335,750 <a href='../homebuy-guides/index.html'>first-time buyers</a> in the UK last year, the most since 2007 and the th...read more

In the year to the end of December 2016, house prices rose 6.5 per cent to leave the average UK house price at &pound;222,484, according to the Halifax.<br /><b...read more

The government has said that thousands of new homes for <a href='../homebuy-guides/index.html'>first-time buyers</a> will be built ...read more

A report from the Labour party has called for an independent housing commission to be established in order to raise the levels of home ownership in Britain. <br...read more

Record low interest rates have helped contribute to a surge in remortgaging, while buy-to-let valuations dropped in the last year, according to research from Co...read more

A review by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has found that an estimated 750,000 mortgage borrowers could be due compensation, after being overcharged beca...read more

Figures from the Bank of England for August have revealed the lowest number of <a href='../#form'>mortgage</a> approvals since Nove...read more

The Bank of England has announced that the Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee scheme is no longer needed, several months before it is due to come to an end, due to ...read more

The Lifetime ISA (LISA), a long-term savings product being launched in April 2017, is having its rules changed to allow first-time buyers to use the government ...read more

Barratt Developments, the UK's largest housebuilder, has reported an increase in demand for its sales post-Brexit, suggesting that the decision to leave the EU ...read more

It has been claimed by The Telegraph that the<a href='../homebuy-options/help-to-buy-isa.html'>Help to Buy ISA</a>, <a href="http:/...read more

<a href='../homebuy-guides/index.html'>First-time buyers</a> cannot use the government's Help to Buy ISA scheme for an initial depo...read more

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