The ‘Police’ section covers applicants working as police officers, community support officers including those working for the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) and the British Transport Police in most areas of the country. In addition to this some civilian police officers may qualify for financial help when buying a home.

In the same way as other key workers, applicants must fit the criteria for general eligibility in addition to fitting in with extra requirements set specifically for applicants who are members of the Metropolitan Police service they must:

  • Be a serving Police Officer who has completed initial training at Hendon, alternatively a transferred Police Officer from another constabulary whom cannot be housed in police quarters.
  • A member of police staff who is directly employed and has been in a position for a minimum of six months and must be in one of the following posts:
    • Communications Officer
    • Crime Analysts
    • Scientific Support Team
    • Civilian Gaolers
    • Station Reception Officer
    • Staff employed in this role based at Bromley, Sutton and Lewisham stations are excluded from this as they are employed by a private sector organization.
    • Royal Parks Constabulary employed Police Officers

Police Community Support Officers are allowed to apply for Open Market HomeBuy, New Build HomeBuy and Intermediate Rent schemes as long as they have completed their six month probationary period inclusive of three weeks of initial training.

In addition to these positions, other posts not reported above may be considered. For further eligibility information if is advisable to call the Metropolitan Police Property Zone on 020 7161 2323 or email

If you are not eligible for Housing Options the Metropolitan Police Property Zone will also be able to advise applicants of other housing initiatives specifically available to Met Police Staff.

British transport police

Applicants from the British Transport Police service must fit the general eligibility criteria as well as having to be:

  • A Police Officer or Community Support Officer employed by the BTP for a minimum of one year in order to qualify for Key Worker HomeBuy schemes.
  • Applicants must have successfully completed the required initial training program specific to the HomeBuy scheme they are applying for, for example to qualify for Intermediate Rent or New Build HomeBuy the training period requirements are set at 32 weeks.

Applicants from the British Transport Police must be employed in one of the following roles:

  • Crime Analysts
  • Communications Officers
  • Community Race Relations Analyst
  • Occupational Health Advisers
  • Scenes of Crime Officers
  • Senior Crime Analysts
  • Communications Officers