Prison Service employment sector includes prison officers and related grades, operational support grades, nursing staff, industrials and instructional officers.

There is new legislation that declares all HM Prison Service establishments located in London regions are eligible for Key Worker Living Assistance. Applicants need to meet the requirements like other Key Workers of both the general requirements and the specific qualifiers of the Key Worker eligibility criterion.

Not only do applicants need to be working in one of these establishments, they must also be part of one of the following disciplines:

Prison Officers and related grades:

  • Instructional Officer
  • Operational Support Grades (OSGs);
  • An Industrial Officer. In this group, the highest priority will be given to first line and other managers with experience elsewhere. The next highest priority will be the direct recruitment of staff in the grades listed above to the prisons listed above
  • Industrial staff
  • Nursing staff
  • An Educational Officer