The UK government offers several schemes to help out those people who wish to purchase their first home or wish to move to a house that meets the needs of their household but cannot afford to do so. They are listed and explained in detail on this website.

These schemes are not available to everyone and there are several eligibility criteria that applicants have to meet. However, these can significantly lower the amount of deposit you will have to pay.

There are other types of help in mortgages to consider and watch out for. An example would be the Parents Mortgages that some banks do in which you not only tie your house into the mortgage as security, but also your parents’, or ones where a guarantor can swear to pay up on your behalf should you not be able to pay the mortgage yourself.

This type of deal is more risky for the borrower as the stakes are higher, but they are less risky for the lender who has more options to get reimbursement for any money that is lost, and they are therefore likely to offer lower deposits.

These types of deals are completely dependent on the lenders and what they will offer, and so can change from one month to another. You will have to shop around in order to find the best deals.

Types of Government Schemes

The following are Government schemes set up to help key workers get on to the property ladder:

The following are Government schemes designed to help first time buyers get on the property ladder, it is also available to existing homeowners who need to find a home suitable for their family needs: