Resales is the purchasing of shares of ‘part rent/part buy’ homes from current owners. The homes that this option can be used against vary hugely in terms of age, size and style.

How it works

Resales work in the same way as the New Build HomeBuy scheme, property is available through a variety of housing associations. It is possible to purchase shares in a chosen property worth anywhere between 25 and 75 percent of its market value. The remainder of the property is owned by the housing association on which a reduced rental is paid. A mortgage would probably be required to purchase the share of the property unless the client has a large amount of savings or equity from the sale of a pervious home.

What are my options after buying through Resales?

There is the option to purchase more shares in the property until 100 percent of the home is solely owned. The rent is re-calculated and reduced proportionality as more of the property is purchased. This process is known as staircasing.

If the owners wish to sell the home, the share currently held by the client is marketed for sale by the housing association at the market value of the property; this allows more people to take advantage of the Resales scheme.