Home Ownership for People with Long-Term Disability (also known as HOLD) is aimed to help people with disabilities purchase and move into more appropriate or preferable homes, such as home closer to relatives. This is not an alternative scheme, but instead is an alternative route to get into the Shared Ownership scheme.

HOLD is a route to go down if there are no properties available through the HomeBuy schemes that are suitable for a person’s particular needs, such as requiring a ground floor property. In the event that there are none, purchase of a property that is on the open market may be considered. This fully depends on the local Housing Authority, and whether they wish to participate or not.

Furthermore, it is likely that a letter from the local authority will be needed explaining the person’s disability and that there are currently no suitable Shared Ownership properties available for them.

All applicants must still be eligible for the Shared Ownership Schemes in order to apply this way, so for example, they must have a household income of less than £60,000.

HOLD may not be available in some areas. (For more information, contact your local HomeBuy Agent)