Keyworker Housing

Keyworker housing

A key worker is a public sector employee who is considered to provide an essential service. The term is often used in the United Kingdom in the context of those essential workers who may find it difficult to buy property in the area where they work.

Keyworker Eligibilty


Eligibility information for Keyworkers

Keyworkers Eligibility


Eligibility information for the Police

Police Eligibility


Eligibility information for the NHS

NHS Eligibility

Applicant Rules

Learn about the rules of applying for the HomeBuy Scheme

Applicant Rules


Information on the elgibility for the HomeBuy Scheme

Information on keyworker elgibility rules

HomeBuy Schemes

The government has in place several schemes or options that first time buyers on incomes below ?60,000 can take advantage of and get onto the property ladder.

HomeBuy Schemes

HomeBuy Agents

Each region of the country has its own dedicated agents to help you navigate the schemes and the real estate market. Follow this link to find out the contact details for the one in your area.

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