When applying for a remortgage you’re going to need all the same documents that were required when you first applied for the original mortgage.

A lot of the mainstream lenders won’t take printed internet statements so if you’ve gone paperless, you may need to request paper copies to be sent to you from your bank(s). It is best to ensure that these are prepared a few weeks in advance in case you need to wait for your bank or HM Revenue & Customs to send originals.

Your lender may want to see any, or all of:

  • Your last three months’ bank statements
  • Your last three months’ pay slips
  • If self-employed: your last three years’ accounts/tax returns
  • Proof of bonuses/commission
  • Your latest P60 tax form (showing income and tax paid from each tax year)
  • ID documents (usually a passport)
  • Proof of address (e.g. utility bills or credit card bills)

The application process can be made a lot quicker and easier by sending all of the required documents in one batch, as this will avoid waiting times during sending and receiving documents; this will also reduce the chance of your application being reviewed by more than one person, which can affect the likelihood of approval.